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Welcome to the Registry of Registries

The Registry of Registries (RofR, pronounced rover) is a web portal provided on behalf of the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) and overseen by the IVOA Registry Working Group. It is targeted to VO registry providers and VO application developers that wish to interact with registries.

The key service provide by the RofR is an IVOA publishing registry that lists all publishing registries known to the IVOA. When a resource metadata harvester harvests from these publishing registries, they can discover all published VO resources around the world. The design and recommend uses of the RofR is documented in the IVOA Note, The Registry of Registries.

If you maintain a publishing registry and you are ready to let it be known to the outside world, you can register it here. Before you are allowed to register, you must demonstrate that it conforms to the IVOA Registry Interfaces standard. Note, that you can use the registry validater to check your registry without actually registering it.

Looking for Registries?

Full Searchable Registries

These registries claim to harvest from publishers regularly and therefore should have records for all resources known in the VO. This list is generated from a cached list that is updated every four hours by a query to a full searchable registry.

Click here to see the current list of searchable registries.

Currently Registered Publishing Registries

These publishing registries have successfully register with the RofR after a full validation. These are the registries that the full searchable registries are pulling records from. This list is generated on-the-fly via a query to the RofR's harvesting interface.

Click here to see the current list of publishing registries.